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September Bliss

So we knew that we were gearing up for a big month, but somehow you always forget just how much your feet hurt when you are constantly doing circuits of a building as big as Kinloss!

We are always busy but last week had to be one of the busiest! At one moment we had every room in the building occupied, including a Rabbi's conference on the ground floor and a model rehearsal in the Kinloss Suite for the Chai Fashion Show - keeping them apart was hilarious!

Obviously having so many functions means hanging out with the best suppliers and the last few days have been no exception. Blake Ezra Cole photographed the Rabbinic Conference and it was beautifully catered by the one and only Celia Clyne - she even bought us cookies which always goes down well!

The very next day we had the incredible Food Story, Muzika and Chiko working with Chai Cancer Care.

The Chai Fashion Show is one of our favourite annual events and this year was no exception. The room looked stunning, and the atmosphere was just incredible. Chai use a combination of models and volunteers to showcase Averyl's beautiful collections and the buzz in the room is electric. The unity and "ruach" from the crowd is so inspiring, with cheering and clapping for their friends and relatives as they strut their stuff on the enormous 22m runway down the centre of the room.

Off the back of that we jumped straight in to a run of weddings, turning our rooms round again and again while hundreds of people dance their way through our spaces for hours every day and night!

Its 6am starts and unspeakable finish times for our team but we love seeing the results every single day.

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