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Choosing the perfect venue....

The truth is that choosing a venue is one of the key elements in planning a party, and it can end up being quite complicated! Often you can end up committed to a building before realising that there are extra costs you hadn't anticipated and suddenly your floral budget is spent on trestle tables and ovens that hadn't previously been accounted for!

Its so important to thoroughly checkout what is included in your choice before committing, and to find out what restrictions there might be that could affect your atmosphere. Here are the TOP 3 questions in our humble opinion!:

1. Is there phone signal? and is there WiFi?

We hate to admit it but the truth is that these days our young generation LOVE to tweet, post, Whatsapp and express their every thought immediately! We have noticed that because we have great phone signal and we have a strong WiFi connection, the kids at our parties are "connecting" easily - and this means a better party! The faster they can post that instagram selfie, the faster they are back in the party zone - It seems mad but it can totally affect the atmosphere!

2. Where are the toilets and does someone maintain them?

We all like to double check our lipstick and these days there are no excuses for shabby toilets. Ours are on the same floor as the ballroom and we specifically include a toilet attendant to ensure they are kept squeaky clean... and lets be honest it stops the kids feeding Gummi Bears to the drains!

3. What is included in the room hire fee?

It sounds super simple but we can all make the mistake of going to a site visit and assuming that what we can see in the room is what we are paying for.. but on so many occasions this is not true. At Kinloss we don't charge for extras. The uplighters? Included. The security? Included. The staging? Included. Tables and chairs? Included.

The projector and big screen? You got it! Its included!

A clear list of what you get is a must, there is no need for ambiguity and at least if things aren't included, you can make considered decisions about what you hire in. Nobody wants a last minute scramble, you don't need the stress!

For fuss free planning help and the perfect venue space, just give me a call on 0208 349 5268. Just remember we are super popular so call early to avoid disappointment!


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